4 Times We’ve Made Lehigh Valley News

Since opening in 2020, The Barbecue Boys Dean and Andrew Zannakis have received high ratings more than once. Their commitment to fresh ingredients and perfection for everything barbecue has cemented them as a culinary staple. Over the past three years, these two brothers have sought to expand their popularity. Their food has helped do that for them. From ‘Best Of’ lists to being featured on local TV, let’s take a look at four times the boys have made the new in the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley Style

Carrie of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine knows her way around the local foodie circuit. Earlier in 2023, she published a list of major go-to ‘que spots in the area. Dean and Andrew made the list!

According to Carrie, “In just two short years, the “boys” (brothers Dean and Andrew Zannakis) have transformed a location right by the free bridge in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, into a destination for all things smoked meat. What’s remarkable is not only their success, but their relatively young age: the business was born out of backyard smoking during COVID and remote learning during school (these guys are just barely out of their teenage years!). Expect pulled pork, St. Louis-style ribs, barbecued chicken and prime brisket. And plenty of options for handhelds like a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, and sliders with ribs, brisket or pork, for example.”

7 Local Barbecue Spots to Try, by Carrie Havranek, February 9, 2023

The Morning Call

This was a huge announcement regarding our expansion to the new location! For months, Dean and Andrew began contemplating moving to a larger space. More customers were coming in and the original location only had enough room for two table inside. They scoured the area to expand to. Luck just so had it that the Sandbar, only across the street, kept calling the brothers about take out orders. Slowly but surely, a in-sync relationship began to bud between the two establishments. Finally, the boys moved into the kitchen adjacent to the tavern part of the building.

According to Jennifer and The Morning Call, “The opportunities for delicious barbecue are about to double. The Barbecue Boys – a restaurant at 4 Union Square in Phillipsburg, New Jersey that specializes in all sorts of barbecued meats, sliders, fried chicken sandwiches and sides – is opening a second kitchen next door at the Sandbar.”

The Barbecue Options Doubling as Pburgs Barbecue Boys Expands, by Jennifer Sheehan, The Morning Call November 2022

Now, our new location is off to a hot start! It’s been great to work with the owners of the Sandbar and deliver more great barbecue.

Lehigh Valley Live

Dean and Andrew were discovered by LVL in 2020 shortly after opening. It was a thrill to begin to be recognized in the local Phillipsburg community. The brothers chose their first location because of its close accessibility to the bridge connecting Phillipsburg to Easton. A high amount of traffic was guaranteed to be buzzing past their store on any given day.

According to Pamela Lehigh Valley Live, Constantine “Dean” Zannakis, 19, a rising sophomore at West Chester University, and Andreas “Andrew” Zannakis, 17, a rising senior at Southern Lehigh High School, opened on Aug. 6 at 7 Union Square in Phillipsburg. The site, which previously housed Pearson’s Crawdaddys, is across the free bridge from Pennsylvania and overlooks the Delaware River.”

New Eatery Brings Barbecue to Phillipsburg’s Waterfront and High Hopes for Its Teen Owners – Pamela Sroka-Holzmann, August 2020

She then goes on to discuss the plans the brother for the store moving forward, along with their background in food. It’s been amazing to look back on how the brothers started in their original store and where they are now.


In 2021, Dean and Andrew were invited onto WFMZ’s Sunrise Chef. They showcased their smoked beats and barbecue tips for Super Bowl Sunday! Click the video above to watch them on this local Lehigh Valley news channel.

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