Breaking Down 5 Of Our Popular Handhelds

At The Barbecue Boys, we put a serious emphasis on barbecue. Barbecue can have a ton of different interpretations. Kansas City and St. Louis style barbecue may seem similar from the outside but are incredibly different. Put of our barbecue interpretation are barbecue handheld sandwiches. From saucy and sweet to crispy and spicy, we have a ton of variety on our menu to hit customers’ taste buds with. A ton of experimentation goes into our handhelds before we push it onto our menu. What do we like? What do our customers like? Well, we definitely know what both have a preference for. Let’s break down 5 of our most popular handheld items.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

The barbecue Boys Nashville Hot chicken Sandwich

Our Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich has been the most popular handheld since coming to our menu. It seems like the past 5-10 years have seen an unprecedented rise in demand for chicken sandwiches. Popular chains and local eateries all have their twist. Ours has turned out to be a top seller. Made with fresh chicken, we cook the chicken perfectly and serve it on a perfectly butter rolled brioche bun. House made coleslaw is packed on top along with pick and our spicy aioli. Most importantly, we’ve crafted our own signature pepper oil. This oil packs enough heat to taste great but also deliver a spicy bite. We definitely recommend giving the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich a try!

Prime Brisket Sandwich

Prime Brisket Hoagie, The Barbecue Boys

One thing New Jersey & Pennsylvania are known for: hoagies. It’s basically in our blood to know a great hoagie from an ordinary one. We thought long and hard about how to combine the great flavors of barbecue and hoagie-ness together. Enter the Prime Brisket Hoagie Sandwich. Our slow cooked, smoked brisket is served on a torpedo roll with pickles, pickled onions, jalapenos, and coleslaw. This twist on a traditional hoagie has been a home run for our customers. Check out more about it on our Instagram page!

BB Cubano

BB Cubano, The Barbecue Boys

This one may seem out of left field but it’s a sure thing. The BB Cubano has been a sandwich that our customers have loved since it came on the scene. Unbeknownst to most of the country, New Jersey actually has one of the largest Cuban populations in the country. We love the cubano sandwich and wanted to put our style o it. Try our BB Cubano sandwich with pulled pork, ham, Swiss Cheese, pickles, and mustard on a torpedo roll.

P.Burg Burger

P.Burg Burger, The Barbecue Boys

Now, the P.Burg Burger isn’t an ordinary burger. It’s not just an burger you’ll find out there. From our perspective, it is our love letter to the State of New Jersey. We know it’s contention to say it, but it’s pork roll, not Taylor Ham, AND it belongs on a burger. Every person in New Jersey knows the glory of a bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel with salt, pepper and ketchup. Our P.Burg Burger is served up with pork roll, American Cheese, spicy aioli, and a fried egg on a toasted brioche roll. We love Phillipsburg and pork roll is part of its identity, just like it is in all of NJ. Now, you can get it on a packed burger. What’s better than that? Not much, other than our other handhelds.


Cheesesteak, The Barbecue Boys

Our love for Pennsylvania is just a great as it is for New Jersey. You know we had to throw a cheeseteak on the menu. It’s one of our regional favorites and knew you would love it, too. The Barbecue Boys Cheesesteak is served up with sliced sirloin, tangy onions & provolone.

Want to check out our entire menu? You can find it by clicking here! We can’t wait to serve you at The Barbecue Boys! All of our handhelds are awesome. Ask Dean or Andrew which one they’re feeling when you visit us.

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